Saturday, December 22, 2012

Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens. There is great freedom in simplicity of living. - Peace Pilgrim
  I've been thinking about this a lot lately. What with being ill so much it seems I'm either cleaning something or sleeping...not doing the things I want to do (when I do feel good) because I feel like I need to be cleaning or organizing or something "productive"....well that has been going on for about 4ish years now, and I'M TIRED.....So my New Years resolution this year will be to simplify my home and life therefore giving me more time and space to do the things I want to do....I'm going to need lots of see I am a.....PackRat of sorts...I have a hard time just throwing things away I most go through everything I fear getting rid of something I really need...I think it's from moving so many times in my life...Heck this home(the one I share with Hubby Joseph) is the longest length of time I've ever lived somewhere(6 1/3 years).....I've lived out of boxes, never bothering to unpack everything...this is a really BIG habit to break. And I love a Flea Market/Thrift Store/ Yard Sale, I come by this naturally...My relationship with my father (he was a verbal/physical abuser) was a rough/tough one (to put it mildly) but when we when flea marketed/yard sold etc he was respectful and nice..and sometime even fun...This is the reason(I am sure) that I really don't see me giving it up completely...But I'm going to have to be much "stricter" with myself...You know two things out for each one thing you bring in........Don't get me wrong when I say I am a PackRat I'm not saying that they are going to be film an episode of hoarders at my is a crowded lived in home not DIRTY/FILTHY...there IS a's not like I keep old used hankies/fingernail clipping/newspapers up to the ceiling/ 20 cats(heck I don't have one cat...Hubby is allergic) etc.......BUT we do have an awful lot of stuff in our home.....And besides being a Packrat...I am also a bit of a everything in it's place kinda gal...How do those two coexist you ask...ummm they don't and the not knowing where things are is driving me ape crap crazy............So to recap, New Year's resolution simplify my home so I can enjoy my art and reading...or heck taking a good nap without feeling guilty about it...and asking you guys to help me by encouraging....Not just in January/ February all year long, I am realistic I know it will take me awhile to get it back the way I want it (the migraine force me to the dark room to often to think this will be a quick thing I can fix)....after all this isn't a tv show where a dozen or so people and a professional organizer are coming to help...nope just little ole me and maybe I can get an OCD friend or two to help occasionally..that would be great...and maybe just maybe the hubby..since after all it's not all mine.....Here's to a better New Year filled with hope and better health, God Willing

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