Monday, February 13, 2012

To Redo or Not Redo (the gararge)...That is the Question!

So the hubby is wanting to redo our detached two car garage into a craft studio for me.....I don't know how I feel about this...I don't like being totally alone, and it being a detached garage I think I might feel lonely and not be out there enough to make it worth the cost to do. But it would double almost triple the size of my scrap space (and it's not all that small now) and all that space to stretch out in would be lovely...... 
Any thoughts on this folks?


  1. If its affordable, do it sand don't look back!

  2. We thought about doing the same thing but I was against it because we couldn't put in a bathroom and that was a deal breaker since I wouldn't want to run in and out to use the restroom or have a sink to use.

  3. DO IT!!! When the children are occupied, you can play music to keep you company. Create a space for them to join you! The teenagers can create little albums to preserve their high school memories. Or, I just found an awesome site They ask for cards not only for soldiers but right now, we are making Mother's Day cards for the soldiers to send to their moms. The young ones would love creating things for you to place on the fridge! My 4 year old grandson had the most fun with the different shaped scissors and colored coy paper. Be sure to take before and after pics for us!!