Friday, February 3, 2012

Farewell Minnie Moose and Weekend Crafting

We had to say goodbye to one of our Bulldogs this week. For health reasons I just can not keep up with her like she needs. So,I decided to find her a home with young children to play with and walk her and give her a more fulfilled life. Thank goodness my other Bulldog is very laid back. I would just die if I had to find both of them a new home. Parting with her is hard enough.

So, to ease the pain (or try to ignore it) I plan on some kind of crafting this weekend. I haven't decided what kind yet. Any ideas? What is your favorite craft to do to lift your spirits?

I will post pics of whatever it is I create first of next week. And I will be posting who wins the Favorite Paper Line Vote and the winner of the prize then also!
You still have Three Days to qualify. Just a reminder you must become a follower of the blog and vote on your favorite paper line to be in the running to win. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! I've never done a prize before...can't wait to pick the winner and box up the prize!!!!!! 

Happy Crafting :O)


  1. My favorite crafty thing to lift my spirts is something quick. That way I can feel like I got something accomplished. A small card or a super quick layout. Made a few simple dustcovers too.

  2. That's a great idea Vannessa!

    Sadly I didn't get to do anything crafty, dang migraines :O(

    But I did come up with some ideas while laying down in the maybe first of the week I can actually get something done.

    Happy Crafting :O)