Monday, February 20, 2012

Race to 50......

I was able to go to a crop this last Saturday and I also got to give the winner of the Paper Poll, Stacy F., her prize. She won the Yudu Card Shop Personal Card Screen Printer.
This is a Google image of what she received, the picture I took didn't come out very well.

And so I was thinking how much fun that was and I decided to do a give away again.
Here's how this one will work.
It's a "Race to 50"...Once we hit 50 followers of this blog I will randomly pick a winner from the entries.
So, to be in the running you need to:
   A. Become a follower of this blog, one entry. You MUST be a follower to win.
   B. And as a follower leave a comment on this or any of the other Post, one entry. 

                                              READY SET GO.......... Happy Crafting :O)

Monday, February 13, 2012

To Redo or Not Redo (the gararge)...That is the Question!

So the hubby is wanting to redo our detached two car garage into a craft studio for me.....I don't know how I feel about this...I don't like being totally alone, and it being a detached garage I think I might feel lonely and not be out there enough to make it worth the cost to do. But it would double almost triple the size of my scrap space (and it's not all that small now) and all that space to stretch out in would be lovely...... 
Any thoughts on this folks?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Video Coming

I will be filming a new video of the on going fight with me and the craft room today. I really do think that little evil monsters are coming in my craft room after I have worked on it and they start throwing things around and laughing and singing taunting songs about me....okay the singing part is probably a bit far fetched BUT they are in there throwing stuff around for sure,lol.

But really you guys, I am hoping this time I can get it straightened.I will post those pictures/video when...if.

A girl can dream right. Happy Crafting :O)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Favorite Paper Poll and Winner

Voting is over and according to you guys DCWV and My Mind's Eye tied for first place. Not surprising to me because I love both of them.

And the winner of the prize is Stacy F. Stacy please email me your address at
I will post a picture of it in a few days,after she has received it as to not spoil the surprise.

Thanks to all who voted on the poll and Happy Crafting  :O)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Farewell Minnie Moose and Weekend Crafting

We had to say goodbye to one of our Bulldogs this week. For health reasons I just can not keep up with her like she needs. So,I decided to find her a home with young children to play with and walk her and give her a more fulfilled life. Thank goodness my other Bulldog is very laid back. I would just die if I had to find both of them a new home. Parting with her is hard enough.

So, to ease the pain (or try to ignore it) I plan on some kind of crafting this weekend. I haven't decided what kind yet. Any ideas? What is your favorite craft to do to lift your spirits?

I will post pics of whatever it is I create first of next week. And I will be posting who wins the Favorite Paper Line Vote and the winner of the prize then also!
You still have Three Days to qualify. Just a reminder you must become a follower of the blog and vote on your favorite paper line to be in the running to win. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! I've never done a prize before...can't wait to pick the winner and box up the prize!!!!!! 

Happy Crafting :O)